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"Caycos Blacksmith"
South side of Ocean Ave. Hardware,
Joanna Spinoza, 1994

Halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, quietly sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the rolling hillsides of open ranchland is what some people call the last of the California beach towns.

Cayucos-On-The-Beach. Listen to the quiet, the stillness that only a small town in an untouched countryside can provide. The perfect remedy for those who suffer from the ills and frustrations of life in the fast lane in our crowded cities.

Peaceful undeveloped ranchlands with cattle grazing on undulating, oak-crested hills provide a respite for the cityweary. There is virtually no city noise, no traffic, no pollution, no crime.

A long, open, uncluttered white sandy beach gives ample room for sandcastle-builders, surfers, sunbathers and those who need tranquillity to commune with themselves and the ocean.

Cayucos is a California Original. Born during the days of Spanish land grants, Cayucos grew up with sailing ships and steamers, rum runners and revenuers. Gamblers and seafarers met in the Old Cayucos Tavern, and adventurers and romantics of all kinds still meet there today.

Wander through the antique shops and boutiques. Stroll down the Old California main street to a restaurant or café. Fish off the pier, or explore the coves in a kayak. Relax.

The members of the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce invite you to visit
for a short time or a lifetime in our Central Coast Paradise.
For more information visit

The Cayucos Chamber of Commerce is governed by a board of directors who serve a term of two years. Directors are volunteers that love Cayucos, believe in Cayucos and have the desire to be actively involved in the community.

The board meets once a month to plan and carry out the many activities it sponsors during the year. It is also accountable to its members to promote Cayucos by planning events that bring visitors to Cayucos as well as involve residents to use our local businesses and services. The board maintains a budget and plans fund-raising to cover expenses as well as contribute to the community.


Chamber Board Members
Andy Lilley
Rick Roquet
Bob Stimmel
Jeannette Simpson
John Fazio
Diane Gillete
Sherry Sim
Bill Shea
Stephanie Wells

Cayucos Chamber of Commerce Office
& Visitors Center

Located at: 41 South Ocean Ave., Cayucos, CA
Telephone: (805) 995-1200 or (800) 563-1878
Mail to: P.O. Box 346 Cayucos, CA 93430

Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce
845 Embarcadero Road, Suite D
Morro Bay, California 93442
805-772-4467 • fax 805-772-6038

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